Sunday, August 30, 2009


Sambar is the staple of South India. It's spicy and chunky and great on rice or idlis - little fluffy round cakes made from rice flour. Typically it's paired with a coconut chutney, but I didn't spring for the fresh coconut this time. My version comes from the copious recipe notes I took when I was in Chennai. It has the typical veggies available at the grocery store - onions, carrots, tomatoes, green beans - but it also has a couple key ingredients that are a bit more exotic - tamarind and fresh curry leaves. Once I figure out how to jigger up an idli steamer, I'll do the whole thing with the chutney and idlis.


  1. I can tell you from experience that jarred coconut chutneys are terrible. Not sure what all is involved in making your own, though.

    My mom has some special idli-making devices that let you steam in the microwave I think.

    Uttapam however seems a lot easier... "south indian pizza." Have heard a lot of stories lately about people getting experimental with their uttapams (usually a no-no in Indian households) with great results.

  2. Um looks great by the way! Maybe you can hold a small cooking class when you're up here next week!