Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Squash and White Bean Salad

I barely got to taste this recipe because Emily whisked it away to work for multiple lunches. The recipe is here, however my version is a bit less fancy than the one Chocolate and Zucchini puts up. You can compare photos for yourself. It's one of the more interesting recipes I have tried I wanted to get two pieces into it for sure: the almond butter (try Trader Joe's) and the orange blossom water (international section of Shopper's). The squash I picked was one I hadn't heard of but had deep ridges that made it hard to peel. I'd go with butternut if I did it again. The taste is very light and complex, and fairly delicious. Don't be afraid to plan ahead and cook the beans the way the recipe describes. They come out way better than canned and really infused with salt and rosemary scent.

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