Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sky Meadows Picnic

So we stopped at Whole Foods on the way out to Sky Meadows this weekend for picnic supplies, then hiked up the ridge and sat down for lunch. There are some things even at Whole Foods that are good deals for a picnic. The base is a baguette, which you eat with a fresh tomato and some cheese. We chose a soft sheep's cheese from Spain I think. Delicious, but the most expensive thing - get some smelly cheese to make it worth it! A few little pears go nicely too. A great thing about Whole Foods is their smoked meat case. We got a turkey leg for $3, but they had some nice smoked chorizo that was very tempting and would have been neater. For dessert, a bottle of chocolate milk that was the best I have had. Find it in the produce section.

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