Saturday, October 3, 2009

Palak Tofu

Okay, palak means spinach, but this is usually palak paneer - which is that yummy indian cheese. Where is this tofu coming in? Well, I had tofu in the fridge, and I fried it up just the same as the paneer, so it works even if it's not quite as satisfying. Probably a bit healthier too, but don't get me wrong - if Shopper's carried paneer that would've been in here. This is comfort food and I could eat it nonstop for a long time. Use canned diced tomatoes for better flavor. The recipe is here.


  1. Mom will also replace paneer with tofu in some dishes on occassion. Tends to make the over-40 set quite unhappy, but I like it just fine.

  2. Ah well, now we are talking about the over-40 set. 40 is the new 30!