Thursday, October 22, 2009

Linguine with Clams in a Pepper Broth

Clams and their briny juices transport pasta to places you've been before but forgot were so incredibly delicious. These are cherrystone clams from the Maine Ave Fish Market just down the street. Seafood is the one thing I can actually walk to a real market and buy right when I need it. And a good thing too, because seafood should always be cooked as soon as you get it home. I don't know when the clam season is, but they sure had piles of these, and they were fresh, not feeble and dying like I have seen at other times. This recipe is in the October issue of Martha Stewart. What you are seeing in the picture are little flecks of pepper and bits of bacon and a white wine sauce. The word "clammy" has never been more appealing.

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