Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Forest

This is Emily's green thumb at work, proving me wrong that you can actually grow things on a balcony in the middle of a city. From front to back we have a Meyer Lemon tree, lots of sweet basil, and a trough of lettuce mix. Not shown are some little pots of oregano and chives. This week most of these guys are going to have to get eaten or come inside because it is getting cold. The Meyer lemon tree is from Stark Bros. Despite looking like a stick when it arrived in the mail, it has grown many new leaves and seems to be thriving. Hopefully it results in the opposite of those pretty looking flowering Home Depot plants that lose everything as soon as they get home. The lettuce is also great because you can pick it to make a side salad and a week or two later you've grown another batch of baby greens and can have another.

1 comment:

  1. The seeds are from all organic please!

    Also, not pictured are tubs of parsley. Um, and a pot of dead mint. :)