Monday, October 19, 2009

Sausage-Chive-Ricotta-Mozz-Eggs Brunch

We had company for brunch! My list of requisite brunch elements are are eggs, baked good, salad greens, and fruit. Pick something from each category. The eggs here turned out to be a good combo. I've never used ricotta in eggs before but it turned out creamy and good mixed with the mozz. The pain d'epices (or spice bread) was Emily's idea and was very fragrant and wintry and excellent with cream cheese or honey on top. Thank David Lebovitz for that recipe. The salad was a mix of Bibb lettuce and some leftover arugula with a citrus vinagrette. I had some special citrus vinegar from Trader Joe's that makes good dressing when shaken with some olive oil and salt. I like citrus vinaigrettes on Bibb lettuce. Finally, the fruit was apple fritters with the orchard apples we picked the weekend prior. Batter and fry the apples and drizzle with honey. A feast! We were out walking it off all around the city the rest of the day.

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  1. So, so delicious! I agree with your list of requisite brunch elements - I love salad with eggs, but never think to include it. Must amend that directly. You & Emily are top-notch hosts!