Monday, November 2, 2009

Grape Tomato Pizza

At any pizza place that claims to be good, I always order a pizza Margherita, or something very close in order to judge the quality of the pizza without cover of super salty olives, spicy sauces, or thai-ginger chicken. When done well, you can't beat Margherita. Emily did very well with this one. Thin, crispy crust. Fresh basil picked from the window sill. Sweet grape tomatoes wilted in the 475 degree oven heat. A touch of olive oil and some mozzerella cheese and a slightly garlicky tomato sauce. Simple. I recommend a pizza stone. We leave it in the oven most of the time, as it adds some thermal mass to the oven and evens out the temperature fluctuations you get from the oven cycle and opening and closing the door (which you should do as little as possible.)

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