Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Butternut Squash Pasties

There is something magical about meat pies.  Eating this recipe, I think the magic for me is in Emily's pastry dough and not the meat.  This is a vegetarian version of the Cornish Pasty (PAST-ee), but it still has some of that signature taste I might have thought was due to tasty meat, but in fact found here with the butternut squash.  The recipe is here.  You can see a bit of the filling cooked in a ramekin to the side.

We watched a couple of youtube videos of Cornish "nans" making pasties.  The fascinating bit was how they seal the dough so it looks rolled over itself.  Shown here, it's the same technique as is used in Bolivian saltenas and it always baffled me how it was done.  Next time, I want to try crimping on top of the pie using this technique so it sits upright rather than on its side.  I think that will result in a neater pie that more evenly stretches the dough.  (I would also like to try reducing slightly the amount of butter in the crust... not too much though.)

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