Saturday, March 13, 2010


I have recently finished reading the Momofuku cookbook by David Chang.  He's the chef at 3 Momofuku restaurants he started in NYC: noodle bar, ssam bar and ko.  Noodle bar is a ramen joint, ssam bar is kind of creative late-night food, and ko is a upscale set menu place, all of which are great concepts.  I mean, how cool is "Momofuku" as a name?  It means lucky peach which is also my favorite fruit.  As a result, I am currently enamored with David Chang's tasty, non-pretentious, hard-working, genuine-feeling style. So we have been scavenging DC for the appropriate Japanese and Korean ingredients with a few pictured here and a few more to go.  I have tried one of the simpler dishes - a roasted cauliflower in fish sauce vinagrette - which turned out to be very delicious.  This makes me even more excited to try the ramen broth, the steamed buns, the chicken and egg, and almost the whole cookbook which sounds amazing.  However it is not for the quick and easy cook - most of these recipes have something that is unusual or take planning and adventures with pork.

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