Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Molcajete Guacamole

The molcajete is seasoned!  I got this Mexican mortar and pestle for Christmas.  Then I googled how to prepare it for use.  As usual, there were conflicting opinions forecasting certain doom in the form of gritty salsa if the proper seasoning process was not followed.  Some seemed to think smoothness was good, others told me to attack the thing with a screwdriver to roughen it up.  So I chose my approach... wash the thing well, and then grind rice in it until I got flour.

Wow, that took a lot of work.  I think I hurt my arm doing it, but I made flour.  There was definitely ground stone mixed in with the rice when I was done.  But I wasn't about to repeat the process, so I went ahead and made guac.  This is definitely the way to process garlic.  Forget the mincer, a bit of oil and a couple of strokes and the garlic is a smooth, even paste.  The rest of the guacamole was similarly easy.  No grit!  The real magic is supposed to be crushing chilies for salsa - supposedly much tastier than the blender.  That'll be next.


  1. Garlic presses have really been ruining my life lately. And I never really got the whole smashing thing down. And my chopping skills are terrible.

    Hadn't considered a mortar-and-pestle type setup.

    Would also serve well for crushing up fresh cardamom for tea...

  2. Ooh, cardamom tea coming up!