Saturday, September 19, 2009

Corn Spoonbread

Something about the name "spoonbread" just sounds delicious. A reminder of bread pudding. This recipe from Cook's Country, while good, is way too much effort when warm, yummy, moist cornbread can be achieved with much less fuss and with far fewer dirty dishes. (My favorite recipe is still Cook's Illustrated's version.) This dish is incredibly light and is for all practical purposes a souffle, which means it has beaten egg whites folded into the batter. In the end, though, this concept won't stay in my file.

By the way, I have heard a number of comments on this blog that ask where I get the pictures posted here. Well the answer is that I take them all, and what is pictured is the actual food I made. It's a little demonstration that anyone can cook, and with a careful camera, take pictures that make it look good.

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