Monday, September 14, 2009

Chicken Diavola

So this is the chicken that I brag about. The skin is burned, yes, but it has done its job... protecting the meat, and giving the meat a hint of a smoky taste. If you have never butterflied a chicken before, you must. Cut out the backbone and put it in the freezer for making stock later. (More on this soon, I made stock this past weekend). Then flatten the chicken out and it's perfect for grilling or roasting without drying out the white meat and undercooking the dark. See how the leg meat has started to pull up the bone? I like my legs that way because I like leg meat really cooked firm. And the breast is still juicy! Another tip from Cook's: Put the spice rub under the skin. Diavola is a bit spicy - the rub is a cooked garlic-red pepper-black-pepper mix. Thanks to Howard and Lauren for the use of the grill!

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