Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Lamb

A strange winter has given way to a strange spring, one that has left me unsure of how to react.  One way is to make a spring lamb.  This leg of lamb comes by way of friends at a Virgina farm, and such a nice gift of top quality lamb needed to be passed on and shared - so we had some invited guests.

I chose a Jaime Oliver recipe to make - a weeping boneless roast leg of lamb done in a yogurt-mint marinade.  I started with the whole hind quarter and spent a good half hour or so breaking it down and cleaning it up, trying not to waste the slightest bit.  Then it went in with the marinade and sat in the fridge for a full day before it was ready to roast.  With some ad hoc meat-tying technique the whole thing stayed together and was cooked medium rare on top of a mix of roast winter vegetables.  You absolutely don't want to over cook lamb, especially when you will have leftovers to reheat.  I stabbed the roast in about ten places to make sure we were somewhere close to 135 degrees all around before declaring it done.

It was absolutely delicious.  You can find the recipe here.

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