Thursday, April 8, 2010


In my world, dumplings are king.  Martha Stewart even confesses to having these as one of her favorite foods.  I made these from her recipe, which she recently published since they are meatless and therefore good for lent.  But really, any sort of dumpling recipe is going to attract my attention.

I made two kinds of pierogi: potato and cabbage, and I stuck with the brown butter sauce, using as little as possible, but just enough for flavor.  As with any dumpling, they take a lot of time to roll, stuff, fill, and cook, but in my mind it is quite worth it.  The cabbage ones won out for flavor in the end.  Martha has you use a grinder to process the cabbage, but since I don't have one of those, I had to grate and chop, which left some of the leafy consistency intact.  I have heard that others eat these with our cream and sauerkraut.  As for me, I was trying to replicate some of the great pierogi I had at my friend Chris's wedding in New Jersey.  If I will ever get there I think I might need to do some additional field research.

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