Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Waffles, Waffles, Waffles


I love our waffle maker.  Tell me this does not look like a Shel Silverstein poem illustration!  Piles of waffles this high do exist.  This bounty is of banana waffles - banana mixed into the batter, that is.  As much as that sounds great I think this is one of those recipes where you just have to concede that messing with the basic recipe just doesn't come out as good.  What happens is the bananas make the waffle taste undercooked no matter how long you cook it.  The texture of the hot banana matches undercooked waffle a little too closely.  Go with bananas on top. 


How do two people eat all those waffles?  Lunch that day was toasted waffle Monte Cristos!


There are a million waffle recipes out there.  Experiment.  These are a yeasted recipe that seems to have come out particularly well.   The one trend I have noticed so far is that it is worth it to mix the night before and let the yeast do its work.  As usual, it takes a little planning ahead, but the execution in the morning is a lot easier, and the waffles are fluffier and get the "right" texture.  And you'll have time to make the scrambled eggs and beet greens you can see on the side.

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