Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I don't get enough Korean food.  I tried going to Woo Lae Oak in Tyson's but I think the sticker shock prevented me from fully enjoying my meal.  I have been waiting to try this place out in Annandale, but in the mean time maybe I can make some simple, tasty bits on my own.  This recipe for bibimbap, essentially rice with vegetables, comes from maangchi.com.   My favorite part about bibimbap is the sesame oil, especially on the wilted spinach, and I will confess adding a little sugar to the mix makes it irresistible.  Shown here, I omitted the ground beef and the kosari - you can essentially put in whatever you want once you catch on to the flavor theme.  I prefer fresh shitakes and would actually increase the amount of them.  Store the cooked veggies in the fridge and you can cook up rice and have a meal in no time when you get home from work.